GoCards – Exercise Playing Cards

Product description

Playing Card Deck.
52 Playing Cards and 2 Jokers (“How to Use”) Cards.
Unique exercises on each card.
No equipment required.
Guaranteed full body workout.
Great tool for teachers, parents, coaches, personal trainers, fitness professionals and trainers to introduce exercise and add variety to any exercise program.
Shuffle up your workout and bridge the gap between exercise and activity.
Great for all standard card games Poker, Crazy 8s, Go Fish, Cribbage, Hearts, and Solitaire.


  • These cards are a MUST have for anybody looking to add fitness into their lives. The cards keep the workouts fun and offer a great variety. No need for a personal trainer if you use these.

    Blair Naughty
  • Great looking cards and a fun tool to mix up my workout. We sometimes use the workouts as an extra dimension in our weekly poker game.

  • GoCards are a great way to exercise with the family or when you’re on Vacation. Thanks GoCards!

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